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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 791 – Immortal Association kiss selective
“I am just in this article to confer with your mind, Cang s.h.i.+cai— that is definitely if he’s still the top supervisor for this position,” Xian Ni explained since he dragged out his guru medallion, alarming the employee.
“You better clarify oneself, Hantian…” Xian Ni narrowed his eyeballs at Xuan Hantian, who immediately discussed themselves.
“A-Another continent? How is attainable with all the Jade Sea… Oh, forget it.” Elderly Cang shook his go before carrying on, “In any case, the fundamental of Revival, correct? Certainly, I continue to have it. Of course, it’s one of the fantastic prizes because of this year’s tournament.”
“I see…” Su Yang nodded calmly.
“W-Exactly what are you accomplishing in this article? If I’d regarded it had been you, I would’ve—”
“I am just really sorry for this… If I’d known regarding this, I wouldn’t have offered it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not being responsible and mostly since he was frightened of Xian Ni.
At some time later on, the moment they were actually outside yet again, Xian Ni stated, “Before I looked at, the Immortal a.s.sociation is in this city and isn’t very a long way away from this spot and then we don’t want to use the hovering jewel.”
“The Xian Family’s Immortal Medallion!” The employee cried out loud following discovering this majesty medallion in Xian Ni’s arms, the way it was a thing exactly the emperor, Xian Hantian, and one other person would have— the Ancestor of your Xian Family who is also the most recognized specialist in this world!
Dual Cultivation
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Competition?” Su Yang brought up his eye-brows.
A short while later, these folks were delivered to the greatest flooring in the paG.o.da the place where a single area existed.
Xian Ni shook his go at the, and that he got a step forward ahead of kicking the entrance doors down and yelling backside, “Who the f.u.c.k you think you’re attempting to deliver absent, you d.a.m.n old mankind!”
“B-But Senior Cang! The company are—”
“They’re my girlfriends from another region, and they’re in this article relating to a little something my children handed you 4 years ago— the source of Revival. Do you still need it?” Xian Ni inquired him.
A few moments down the road, they showed up before ma.s.sive paG.o.da who had the words ‘Immortal a.s.sociation’ grandly displayed on a great register all directions.
Dual Cultivation
Xian Ni then flew gone, and Su Yang and his group adopted him from behind.
“What if I say I want the basis of Revival— will you refuse me?” Xian Ni suddenly claimed using an overbearing stress originating from him.
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Competition?” Su Yang heightened his eye brows.
“I am really sorry for this… If I’d identified in regards to this, I wouldn’t have given it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not being liable and mostly since he was frightened of Xian Ni.
“W-Who happen to be people? They’re giving out this type of highly effective atmosphere! I have never sensed a single thing so profound prior to!”
On the other hand, Elderly Cang shook his travel and stated, “Though I stands out as the mind administrator, I cannot make such a big decision minus the Nine Immortal Families’ endorsement as well, this kind of principle is what makes this area from collapsing.”
“That are they?” Senior citizen Cang looked over Su Yang and the beauties behind him with wide eyeballs.
A few moments after, people were brought to the best surface inside the paG.o.da wherein a one area existed.
Sometime after, as soon as they were definitely outside again, Xian Ni reported, “Last time I reviewed, the Immortal a.s.sociation is at this city and isn’t very far using this site so we don’t need to use the traveling treasure.”
“A-Ancestor Xian… you need to don’t make issues difficult for me… When have I ever offended you?” Mature Cang sighed.
“Why not?” Su Yang expected him with elevated eye-brows, other tranquil.
“Daoist Su Yang, ever since the tournament hasn’t commenced, you can still request the Immortal a.s.sociation for that Basic of Revival.” Xian Ni believed to him after.
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“Senior citizen Cang! You have guests!” The member of staff knocked on the doorstep while yelling.
“How may the Immortal a.s.sociation enable you to nowadays, prestigious attendees?” The employee inside setting up also observed their huge appearance and immediately approached them.
“P-Remember to follow me, Your Majesty!”
The pedestrians were actually immediately fascinated by Xian Ni’s and Su Yang’s unfathomable aura as well as the two G.o.ddesses’ peerless splendor.
“They’re my buddies from another region, and they’re listed here relating to a little something my family given you four years ago— the foundation of Revival. Do you still need it?” Xian Ni inquired him.
“W-Who definitely are the individuals? They’re giving off a real strong atmosphere! I actually have never experienced nearly anything so unique right before!”
A second down the road, a loud speech resounded, “Company? I don’t recall experiencing reserved consultations these days! If there’s no visit, I won’t discover them! Mail them away!”
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Tournament?” Su Yang brought up his eyebrows.
“A-Another continent? How is that attainable together with the Jade Sea… Oh, fail to remember it.” Older Cang shook his mind ahead of maintaining, “Anyway, the fundamental of Revival, proper? Certainly, I still need it. In fact, it’s one of the grand rewards just for this year’s competition.”
“Fantastic heavens! Take a look at those two beauties! I have got never viewed anything even 1 / 2 as gorgeous as them! They’re correct fairies! Real G.o.ddesses!”
“Very well, he requires it, and he’s prepared to change his treasures for it.” Xian Ni mentioned.
“W-That happen to be those individuals? They’re giving off a really powerful aura! We have never experienced a single thing so significant well before!”
“Who happen to be they?” Senior citizen Cang checked out Su Yang plus the beauties regarding him with large eyeballs.

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